Our family story naturally connects the two regions and we're excited to serve two wonderful communities - supplying the American Midwest with wild salmon while supporting two small fishermen in Alaska. When you order from Alaska Fresh, you know exactly who caught your fish and where. Our key words are sustainability, quality and community.

Alaska Fresh brings the best wild salmon directly from our boats in Alaska to your plates in the Midwest.


wild Alaskan Copper River sockeye
wild Alaskan halibut

Wild salmon is a seasonal fish and to make it available for our customers year round, we developed a high-quality frozen program with a pre-ordering option.

During the summer fishing season we build stock of frozen salmon and we distribute it to you year round.

Our annual pre-ordering option that's opened right before the fishing season starts, allows you to get special pricing and to ensure your favorite specie is not out of stock.

You can order as little as 5 lbs, which should come to about 15 meals. 

We guarantee that our frozen salmon keeps all of its qualities for at least two years. It's carefully and professionally processed right after catch, which preserves all the nutrients and quality and is the only way to eat really fresh fish year round. Because frozen is the new fresh!

wild Alaskan Copper River sockeye salmon

We're not just a fish store. Alaska Fresh embodies a culture of knowing your food source personally, supporting small communities, eating well, living off the land, and consciously consuming wholesome goods.

Welcome to the Alaska Fresh family!

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