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Alaska Fresh was founded with a singular goal:

to provide the world's best salmon and halibut to the Lower 48 at an affordable price while supporting the long-established, artisanal traditions of a remote Alaskan fishing village and its fishermen. 

wild Alaskan halibut

With over 17 combined years of living in a Cordova, Alaska, owners Adra and Juro intimately understand exactly how to source the best quality wild salmon and halibut. Juro ran a seafood processing plant while Adra learned from the locals the meanings of community, harmony and discord with nature, and living off of the land. 

Wild salmon and halibut are seasonal fish, meaning they are not available all year long. During the summer fishing season, Alaska Fresh builds a stock of flash-frozen salmon that is distributed until it is sold out. Our pre-order option that is available before the fishing season even legally starts in Alaska enables you to not only reserve your stock of wild fish but also secure discounted pricing.

Each fish is hand-picked from the net, hand-bled and immediately placed on ice on the fishing vessel. It is then transported to the custom processor on shore via tender boat where it is deboned and hand-filleted by a process perfected generations ago. Due to the tedious nature of this process and physiology of the wild fish, a trace amount of pin bones may remain. 

We guarantee that our frozen fish maintains all of its qualities for at least two years but recommend consumption within six months for maximum freshness. There is a myth that thawed fish is best but unless you live in the Pacific Northwest or pay for overnight expedited shipping, you do not want to eat anything but frozen from Alaska. In the amount of time that it takes to transport fish from Alaska to most locations in the Lower 48, the fish loses is taste, meat integrity and freshness. When it comes to eating wild Alaska year-round, it must be flash-frozen. 

Alaska Fresh embodies the spirit of personally knowing your food source, sustaining a Community Supported Fishery, and consciously consuming the finest quality wild food.

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