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Salmon Swimming Up Stream v2.webp

The best salmon in the world


Copper River salmon has to swim 300 miles up the stream of an icy cold Copper River Watershed to get to their spawning grounds. They have to gather enough muscle and fat to survive this tremendous journey. The high fat content gives Copper River salmon its incredible taste, moist texture and a lot of Omega-3 acids, one of the most important nutrients in any fish.

This unique salmon is praised amongst the top chefs for its taste and texture qualities, while home cooks also enjoy the simplicity. Copper River salmon taste so good that the only other ingredient you need is a little bit of salt.

High quality brings high demand, but whether you look for kings, sockeyes or cohos, Copper River salmon is hard to get. Knowing its uniqueness and fragile balance in the ecosystem, everyone involved in the Copper River fishery works towards sustainable future. Fishing season is short with areas and times regulated to guarantee the needed escapement.

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