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Juro and Adra wedding photo

We know fresh salmon, we’re friends with who is catching it and we deliver it directly to you. Welcome to the Alaska Fresh family!


Our Alaskan story began in 2005, when Juraj went to Cordova, AK to work as a salmon processor. Working with Copper River kings and sockeyes - the best salmon on the planet - proved to be extremely captivating and what was supposed to be just a fun summer experience, became Juraj’s passion and destiny.

Juraj gained his extensive knowledge in grading, processing, handling, and packing top-quality fish over many years. He started as a fish cleaner on the processing line and progressed through all departments before becoming the General Manager for the whole operation.

Adra was born and raised in a suburb of Milwaukee, attended college at UW Madison and then moved to Chicago. After meeting Juraj, her move to Alaska was inevitable. Adra’s love for nature turned into a passion for conservation, sustainability, and living off the land.

While in Cordova, Juraj and Adra forged great professional relationships and friendships with local fishermen. They even got married by one of them, right on a salmon fishing boat


Now Adra and Juraj live permanently in the Midwest and they’re bringing you the best of Alaska’s sustainable natural resources. Alaska Fresh embodies a culture of knowing your food source personally, living off the land, and consciously consuming wholesome goods.

Juro and Adra enjoying Alaska scenery
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