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2021 FisherPoets Gathering Highlights

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Swap this super special pandemic treat with your favorite podcast for a couple of hours. This event is usually live in Astoria and you have to choose which acts to attend. This year you can watch all artists from the comfort of your wherever.

We promise you will have such a deeper appreciation for your wild caught seafood once you listen to the prose of the brave men and women who head out to sea to fill your bellies.

We give all acts a huge virtual round of applause for their shares.

Here are the highlights, in our humble opinion. What is linked below is our interpretation of the topic, not the piece title. Click on the yellow to view the author name and listen to the title (if shared). Write your favorites into the comments below!

Folks who fished the Prince William Sound + Copper River (where your Alaska Fresh fish are wild caught!)

The ultimate fisherpoet of CDV - Steve Schoonmaker, AK fisherman of 39 yrs, fisherpoet of 13

Louis Beaudry who fished out of Cordova (CDV) singing about a famous local deckhand. If you've been to or worked in CDV, you know who this is or you've seen him on Main Street.

Paying attention – Holly Hughes

Cordovan (can't say former, b/c once you leave there, it never leaves your heart) on fisher moms - Erica Thompson Clark

The pandemic (COVID-19)

Yupik & Tlingit native shares her thoughts on pandemic life - Melanie Brown

Bristol Bay fishery tribal requests that the fishery not open - Elma Burnham

Your boat's in quarantine/quarantine flag - Doug Rhoades

Observations on climate change

oil spills

All that has changed – Josh Wisniewski

When our food is not made in the United States

homage to Alaska

the dangers of sourcing your fish from big box stores

The reality (and cost) of being a commercial fisherman Seasickness

Being a greenhorn in Alaska fishing – “Corva May”

Dangers of salmon fishing

The hard life of a fisherman

highliner/lives lost at sea – Kathy Stack

Capsizing in Alaska – “God Bless the Captain,” Jan Bono

Characters of the industry

How to make fish stock – “The Prize Inside,” Toni Mirosevich

Author writing from the perspective of her boat, taking it up to Alaska for fishing

Telling it like it is to be a woman fisherman, make the men comfortable - Alana

Assigning meaning to the forgotten cannery workers from China, the Philippines or simply upriver - Katherine Ringsmuth

Cannery driver and forklift queen

Luck and superstition with fishing - Henry Hughes

It's all about the gear

WTF! Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

On sockeye salmon – Meezie Hermansen

poem about factory workers

Pets and grief

The spirituality of fishing

The original religion: fishing. "Temple of the Trout" by xxx

Waiting for the tide to change/patience

humility and resilience of wild Alaska

The physics of (ocean) sound On grief and herbalism by Moe Bowstern (what a name!)

on being a woman, compromise and failure, Maggie Bursch

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