How to Cook Frozen Salmon

Updated: Apr 26

"Faster than a frozen pizza!"

Can you cook wild Alaskan salmon from frozen? Absolutely! Didn't thaw the salmon? Don't worry! You can cook it from frozen by following this simple recipe and even have a starch and vegetable on the side. Learn how to cook Copper River sockeye salmon from frozen here. As our fisherman Shawn says, cooking salmon is "faster than a frozen pizza!" And definitely much healthier!

Total cooking time including prep is 30 mins or less.


For the fish: Frozen salmon (Copper River sockeye, Copper River coho or Prince William Sound pink) Olive oil Salt Pepper

For the sides: Fresh broccoli Organic frozen french fries

For the sauce:

Mayo Ground black pepper Mustard Pickles


1. Take the frozen salmon out of the packaging.

2. Lightly drizzle frying pan with olive oil and put the salmon on the pan skin side down.

Turn heat to medium-low and cover the pan.

3. Leave the fish skin side down until it seems cooked all the way through (about 20-minutes), then flip it for couple minutes.

While the salmon is cooking make your french fries (use your oven and follow instructions on the bag), broccoli and tartare sauce.

For tartare sauce, take one small pickle and cut it into smallest cubes you can. Mix with about a cup of mayonnaise. Add about a spoonful of mustard. Add ground black pepper (deliberately). Add a little bit of pickle juice to get a semi-runny consistency. If the sauce seems too thick, add more pickle juice. If the sauce seems too runny or tastes too sour, add mayo.

For broccoli, cut it into about 1-inch pieces and use salt and pepper to season it. Then steam it in a steamer until it gets soft. Make sure to keep checking every couple of minutes not to overcook.

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