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commercial fishermen fishing gillnetting


Our commercial fishermen fish in well controlled fisheries where every river is regulated to maintain the steady return of salmon for future generations.

Our salmon and halibut are responsibly harvested in Marine Stewardship Council certified fisheries by small boat fishermen. Each fish is artfully handpicked from the net or longline.



Our salmon is hand picked by our fishermen and processed under strict quality control.

Every fish is cut and flash frozen right after catch to preserve freshness. All handling and transportation happens under constant temperature control to maintain this freshness so every piece of our salmon stays delicious until it reaches your plate.

wild Alaskan Copper River keta salmon
Cordova Alaska harbor view


When you buy Alaska Fresh, you support independent commercial fishermen and science research in Alaska.

We pay our fishermen a higher catch price (fairer wage) than large processors who supply big box stores like Costco and Walmart. A portion of your purchase goes to support marine research at the Copper River Watershed Project and Prince William Sound Science Center.

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