wild Alaskan Copper River sockeye salmon

We only sell wild Alaskan salmon - Copper River Sockeye and Coho; and Prince William Sound Keta and Pink. We also have halibut. See our store here.

What salmon are you selling?

Why is all your fish frozen?

Freezing the salmon right after catch is the only way to preserve its quality. Fish in general have very short shelf life and trying to bring them from Alaska to the Midwest without freezing can negatively effect the appearance, structure and taste. Also, it's a seasonal fish, so you need to stock up in the summer to enjoy it year round.

When can I order?

You can order anytime, however to get the best price and to make sure your favorite specie is available, you should pre-order by June 15th. That way our fisherman Shawn has enough time during the short fishing season to fulfill your order. The only exception is coho, which has a later season and can be pre-ordered by August 30th.

How many meals can I make from a 10# box?

The box contains random size portions, you can pick the size depending on how much you like to have on your plate. You should be able to make at least 30 meals from a 10# box and about 15 meals from a 5# box.

When and how do I get my order?

We will bring your order to your door. All pre-ordered fish will be delivered by July 3rd, except coho, which you'll have by the end of September. Orders outside of the pre-ordering windows will be delivered immediately depending on our scheduled routes.

Is Alaskan salmon fishing sustainable?

Alaskan fisheries have one of the best managements in the world. They're controlled by boat sizes, times, restricted areas and in some cases (like halibut) by quotas. Fishing is regulated by the state of Alaska and the regulators are highly respected.

Who do I support when I buy your fish?

You support a long time Alaskan fisherman Shawn Gilman from Cordova, Alaska and our family in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.

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