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wild Alaskan Copper River sockeye salmon

What's the difference between the salmon types?

If you are a foodie or want to taste the world's best wild salmon, treat yourself to the Copper River sockeye or coho. If you are new to wild Alaskan salmon or looking for the best bang for your buck, try the Prince William Sound pink salmon. 

Why is the fish frozen? That's not how it looks in the grocery store case.

Freezing the salmon right after catch is the only way to preserve its quality. Fish in general have very short shelf life and trying to bring them from Alaska to the Lower 48 without freezing can negatively effect the appearance, structure and taste. It's a seasonal fish so you need to stock up in the summer to enjoy it year round. Beware the thawed piece of wild Alaskan fish for sale! 

How big are the portion sizes?

Each wild caught fish is hand-filleted into a portion between 6 - 9 oz. Depending on how hungry you are, you can get 1-2 servings per portion.

How many meals can I make from a 5 lb box?

There are approximately 10 - 12 portions per 5 pound box which will give you ~10 - 15 meals depending on your hunger. 

When will I get my order?

Halibut will be delivered early May 2021 (or within one week if ordered after this date). Salmon will be delivered early July 2021 (or within one week if ordered after this date).

Why should I buy from Alaska Fresh instead of another purveyor?

We are 50% women owned. We are proud sponsors of the Prince William Sound Science Center, the Copper River Watershed Project, the Midwest Women's Herbal Conference. Our packaging is made of recycled blue jeans for sustainability. We deeply care about the fishing village of Cordova, its people and its abundant fish and are honored to be a vehicle to get the world's finest salmon from remote AK to your doorstep. 

Who do I support when I buy your fish?

Three independent fishermen in south Central Alaska (Shawn Gilman, Darin Gilman, Kim Menster), our processors in Cordova, AK and our family in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. 

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