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All of our fish are caught in well regulated wild Alaskan fisheries, on small boats, by hard working individuals with strong commitment to quality and sustainability.

While living in Alaska we developed a strong bond with the local fishing community in Cordova and a lot of friendships with the local small boat fishermen.

Juro and Shawn

The Copper River fishing fleet is known for excellent fish handling practices, such as on board bleeding, slush icing, or the use of RSW (refrigerated sea water). They make sure the world class salmon they pluck out of the ocean stays world class until it reaches your plate.

Pip handling fish

Thanks to Copper River Seafoods as our processor and supplier, we can maintain our intimate connection with the fleet and support these hard working fishermen by finding YOU - the seafood enthusiasts, who like to enjoy high quality Alaskan seafood.

Alaska Fresh Family - full size early selections
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