If you've ever tasted Copper River sockeye salmon, then you know how top quality fish tastes. Folks travel far and wide to fish the Copper River Delta for this natural delicacy. 


The filet mignon of wild Alaskan sockeyes and most famous of the Copper River salmon. It's uniquely high content of Omega-3 fatty acids gives this fish not only health and nutritional benefits, but also its bright red color, beautiful moist texture and most of all a wonderful taste. You can't go wrong with the Copper River sockeye salmon.


This box contains 5 pounds of flash-frozen, vacuum packed portions, approximately 10-12 portions. Custom, hand-fileted wild portions vary by size and range from 6-9 ounces on average.


**Pre-order now for July delivery.**

Copper River Sockeye Salmon Box

Price Options
One-time purchase
Annual Subscription
Delivered each year without you having to remember to order.
$120.00yearly/ auto-renew
3 Month Subscription
Monthly Copper River Sockeye salmon July through September.
$120.00monthly/ 3 months
6 Month Subscription
Monthly Copper River Sockeye salmon July through December.
$120.00monthly/ 6 months
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  • This box is available for delivery starting in July 2021. You will receive an estimated delivery window for your frozen product prior to delivery. Each order is delivered to your door via no contact delivery.

    Delivery dates for each product are seasonal. They depend on the timing of the wild fish runs and commercial fishery openings in the Prince William Sound and Copper River fisheries which are sustainably managed by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.